Juez Codina
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Jaime Juez Codina is the son of an important cartoonist, well known for creating the Spanish comic hero ‘El Capitan Trueno', as well as other national and international comic characters.

In 1971 he put on his first exhibition, which travelled to various towns throughout Catalonia, with the title “Escampant la boira” (‘Spreading the fog') and was introduced to the poet Joan Brossa, thus commencing a lifelong friendship.

Since then he has continued to exhibit his work regularly in Barcelona in different galleries and ambits, as well as various cities within Spain and abroad. Here we can cite those exhibitions mounted at the Sala Dalmau ( in the years 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997). Of these exhibitions, it's worth highlighting the portfolio of lithographs made with the great poet Miquel Martí Pol, entitled “Universos” to illustrate a series of his poems, and with whom he also kept up an intense friendship until the poet's death.

Of those exhibitions held abroad, we can cite those of Paris, New York and recently in Tokyo. This last was held in the Brocken Gallery and was a considerable success.

Critics have defined Juez's work by the fluid lines flowing from the unconscious, returning us to the innocent eyes of a child; an internal and solitary search materializes into figurative primitivism; rediscovering a highly emotive iconography, full of expressionist and magical colouring.

Laia J. Miralles.

(Translation: Anne Michie)

With: Joan Brossa (poet), Català Roca (photographer), Enric Satué (graphic designer), Pla Narbona (painter), Ramón Carrera (restaurant owner), Pascual Iranzo (hairdresser)

With Miquel Martí i Pol, the greatest catalan poet

With Jordi Llompart, TV newscaster, introducing the story book "Magic zapping".

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